Release Notes – Jan 30, 2017

January 30, 2017

Changes to Trimble Ag Software include:


Farmer Pro

  • Material Online Database – Farming materials can now be added by using an online database. If there are properties for that material within the database, all of it will download into Farmer Pro. You can also link an existing material to a material in the database.
  • Fleet Enhancements
    • To improve the visibility of the vehicle list, this can now be collapsed on the Fleet Alerts screen.
    • Improvements to the Fleet Utilization page include how last operator reported is now the last operator who logged in during the selected time period. The last reported time for vehicles has now been changed to include the time when files are received from a vehicle.
    • Translations have been updated for all the fleet functionality.


Online Marketplace (Customer Store)

  • Added Desktop Download Button – If you go to the Marketplace and click on Current Licenses and select Installations & Activation Codes there is now a TABS Desktop download button. When you click on this button it will download the full desktop software installer. For users who are subscribed to the Annual Maintenance or Farmer Pro plans this will be the latest version. For everyone else this will be the version that was available when their services expired (of what was available when they purchased Farmer Basic without Annual Maintenance).