Trimble Ag Mobile v2.1 Now Available

March 10, 2017

You Asked. We Delivered.

We are pleased to announce all-new features and enhancements to Trimble Ag Mobile. Starting today, you will notice a powerful lineup of app features that benefit every farmer and crop advisor. These improvements are based on your requests — and for that we thank you!

Version 2.1 Highlights

  • Add multiple materials and costs at once for seed, fertilizer and crop protection
  • Track vehicle, implement and operator costs within tasks
  • See more real-time field-level weather
  • View job/coverage map layers and PurePixel™ imagery
  • See fleet status and select by group or map location
  • See boundaries and vehicles on the farm map


View Coverage/PurePixel Maps

View background layers such as seed variety maps, crop health imagery (PurePixel) or yield data when performing scouting tasks. This is especially handy when trying to understand the location of seed varieties or to find that low-yielding area of the field. Also, different views of the coverage map can be selected based on the available layer attributes.

Improved Field Record Keeping

Big changes here! Now you can track a combination of inputs for a single task such as seed varieties, herbicides, chemicals and fertilizers. For every task, capture vehicles, implements and operators.

For all of these inputs, costs can be assigned to better track your cost of production. Information will flow from the app to our web application so that you can see which fields are performing the best.

Track Fleet Locations and Status

Having a hard time keeping up with the locations of each tractor or combine? This new feature shows real-time fleet positions as well as the amount of fuel available for each. View the current status of each vehicle such as working, idling, speeding and more.

Managers are able to transform their fleet performance by viewing time spent idling, working, and traveling. Not only does this reduce the amount of fuel used, it also increases the amount of time vehicles are in productive use.

Other Improvements

  • Track wind gusts, humidity and soil conditions along with other weather and field conditions for seeding, fertilizing and crop protection jobs
  • Record irrigation in inches or millimeters
  • See harvest yield rates at-a-glance in the field list
  • Android required permissions for storage access

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