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  1. State of the Industry: Adoption of Precision Ag Grows as Farm Sizes Grow

    Since the first auto-steer tractor was introduced in the 1990s, precision agriculture has only gained traction amongst farmers for its cost and time savings benefits—and it’s a trend that’s not likely to slow down anytime soon. Farms are growing in size, according to a 2018 USDA Economic Research Service (ERS) report, which found that in […]

  2. Check out the Highlights of our 2018 Software Updates

    The Trimble Ag Software engineering team had a busy 2018! In case you lost track of all the upgrades and enhancements, check out this ‘at a glance’ list of the highlights, with links to find out more information.

  3. Plug and Play with ISOBUS: What it is and how it can Help Your Operation

    If you’ve invested in or researched precision technology, you’ve likely heard of ISOBUS. But what is it? Also referred to as ISO, it is the industry-standard communication protocol for ag equipment manufacturers that allows computers, vehicles and implements — regardless of their brand — to “talk” to each other. It’s what makes “plug and play” possible […]

  4. Introducing: Yield Data Cleaning

    Trimble Ag Software’s new Yield Data Cleaning tool automatically fixes issues with grain flow delays, GPS errors, sensor errors, and overlaps, saving you countless hours manually fixing them field-by-field.

  5. Trimble’s Precision-IQ Steps Forward for Today’s Farmers

    Precision ag keeps getting smarter. From hardware that can track and provide insights into your in-field processes to software that can help turn data into actionable information for year-over-year improvements, the modern farm looks much different than our parents’ farms. We released Precision-IQ with three main goals: Make upgrades and the adoption of new precision […]

  6. Top 3 Ways Farmers Win with Trimble Ag Software

    Crop advisors working with farmers who manage their operations with Trimble Ag Software have reported big financial and time savings tied directly to their farm management software. We wanted to share three of our favorite ag software benefits seen by growers over the past year, including yield, environmental, and VRT gains.

  7. 8 Technology Tune-up Tips for an Efficient, Accurate Harvest

    With the end of the season fast approaching, you’re probably monitoring your crops and the weather for the ideal time to get into the field and begin harvesting. While you likely know the importance of conducting a thorough inspection of your equipment before you get the combine rolling, you should also ensure your precision technology […]