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The Work Orders feature takes the guesswork out of assigning and tracking field work for farm managers. This easy-to-use mobile feature assists in managing logistics, assigning tasks, tracking progress, and making quick adjustments to maximize efficiency and farm productivity. In addition, farm workers can leverage their smartphone to receive daily tasks, resulting in increased efficiency and a reduction in application mistakes.

Work Orders is included with Farmer Pro and is available worldwide.

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Schedule Your Tasks for the Day

Assign tasks to team members so that everyone is updated with the latest tasks for the day. Work orders can include materials, equipment, operators, weather restrictions, target completion and expiration date. Monitor your workers by tracking the progress and completion of each task, improving work efficiency by allowing managers to assess and adjust needs and priorities in real time.

Simplify Logistics

Ensure the right project is being done at the right time by the right person on the right field with the right materials. Save valuable time by making quick adjustments to tasks and priorities, especially during the hectic planting and harvest seasons.

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Work Orders Spray Records

Eliminate Application Mistakes

Whether farm workers are using the Trimble Ag Mobile app on their smartphone or the Trimble TMX-2050™ or GFX-750™ displays, the app helps prevent unadvised spraying or applications to the wrong field. Also, by entering weather restrictions for work orders, the manager receives timely notifications if work violates the parameters. Work Orders are essential for keeping the manager more connected with the team.

How to Activate the Work Orders Feature

Feature Comparison

 Farmer Pro
Create, edit, cancel and delete work orders using the Trimble Ag Mobile app
Batch create work orders by multi-selecting field names or using the map
Process yield data with yield cleaning tool
Batch update work orders across multiple fields
Create management zones and prescriptions with flexible configuration parameters by field or batch
Add materials, equipment and operators, target completion date and expiration date to work orders
Enter weather restrictions
Receive a warning if weather conditions violate weather restrictions (requires Ag Premium Weather)
Build your own formulas and utilize them across multiple farming organizations
Assign work orders to one or more operators
Mark work orders started and complete via Trimble Ag Mobile app
Enter notes/comments
Print PDF bulk reports for prescription applications
Receive screen alerts for late jobs
Syncs work orders to online account for view only
Work order status categories include: All, Planned, In Progress, Cancelled, Late, On Hold and Done
Sort work orders by (Mobile or Online): Field, Crop, Operation, Vehicle, Implement, Operator, Materials, Season, Date and Status

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