Correction Services for Agriculture Applications

Trimble has a positioning service to fit the accuracy level that’s right for your specific farming operation. Adding a Trimble RTX service to your Trimble guidance or steering system you can obtain repeatable accuracy from 20 inch (50cm) down to sub-inch (<2cm) year-over-year in every corner of your farm. Just choose the service that fits your farming needs.
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Trimble CenterPoint RTX

  • The best GNSS correction solution for your most precise jobs, providing farmers the freedom to work anywhere without interruptions
  • Reliable satellite delivered corrections free you from spotty cellular coverage or moving a local base station around your farm
  • Low initialization time means you can get working in less than 2 minutes, check out the coverage map for your farm
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Trimble RangePoint RTX

  • Entry-level alternative to free-to-air (SBAS) satellite systems that gives farmers a more stable signal with the same ease of use
  • Reliable day or night and in any weather, satellite delivered corrections deliver 6 inch (15 cm) pass-to-pass for broadacre farming
  • Low initialization time means you can get working in less than 5 minutes
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Trimble CenterPoint VRS

  • Providing instant access to RTK-level corrections via cellular delivery, no local base station or radio required
  • The local fixed network, run by Trimble keeps you working with sub-inch (2 cm) confidence year after year, with no base station to maintain.
  • Check out the Trimble VRS coverage maps
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Trimble ViewPoint RTX

  • Affordable, entry-level positioning service delivering sub-meter (sub foot) accuracy on all corners of your farm
  • Ideal for broad-acre farming, collecting field information and managing assets
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What our Customers are Saying

“Trimble RTX has made my life so much easier because it’s made my operators’ lives easier. Driving is so much easier with Trimble RTX on their planters, sprayers and combines simply because they never have to deal with the difficulties of a signal going down.”  Brandon Hunt, farms 10,000 acres of corn, wheat and soybean in Southwestern Kentucky, U.S.

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 “We literally come back year-after-year without touching anything, hit engage and the sprayer finds the same line or the planter goes on the same line. You don’t have to change anything. Overall CenterPoint RTX is a brilliant product.” Tyson Zunckel

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