Advanced Desktop Accounting

Advanced Desktop Accounting is a helpful add-on module to Farmer Fit or Farmer Pro that provides more advanced farm accounting software features that dig deeper into your farm’s financial situation.

You’ll get intuitive, user-friendly tools and reports that include an accrual general ledger, cash flow budgets, invoicing, market value calculations, payroll, and over 21 financial ratios that reveal information about trends showing what is and is not working on your farm.

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Trimble Ag Advanced Accounting

Key Features

  • Enter and keep track of bills using Accounts Payable or amounts owed to you using Accounts Receivable
  • Keep livestock accounting records including purchases, sales, births, and deaths
  • Display and print accrual balance sheets and income statements
  • Print financial reports including Market Value Balance Sheets, Cash Flows Statement, and more

  • Keep track of depreciation amounts for equipment, structures, land improvements, and livestock
  • Enter payroll records and utilize time sheets to calculate employee hours
  • Print or electronically submit forms W-2s, W-3s, 1096, 1099-MISC and 1099-INT (Electronic submission only for 1099-INT)
  • View 21 standard financial measures to understand trends of what is and what is not working on your farm
  • Export account balances to QuickBooks®

Invoice Your Clients

Send invoices to landlords and clients while tracking the status of each within Accounts Receivable. Make invoicing materials such as bags of seed or gallons of chemicals easy. The system shows the amount paid for each material prior to invoicing, giving you flexibility to adjust the price owed. Invoicing includes options to add a customized text and a logo, providing your farm business with a professional touch to each invoice.

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Print Accrual Reports

Accrual accounting measures the true profitability of your farm business. Unlike cash-basis accounting where profitability can be skewed by prepaid expenses and deferred income, accrual-basis financials hide nothing. Accrual accounting reports income when earned versus when received, and expenses when incurred — not necessarily when paid.

At year-end, an accrual-basis farm operator reports the following: income on grain not yet sold coupled with expenses incurred but not yet paid. Accrual accounting usually takes into account investments made in cattle and growing crops on the balance sheet as an asset, rather than an expense deducted on the income statement.

Calculate Payroll

Our payroll system is designed for agricultural businesses of all sizes. Pay by salary, hourly, per piece, overtime, double overtime, or customize the pay type to include hourly and piece rate for the same employee. Enter payroll records for full time or seasonal employees and the system will calculate Federal, FICA and most state withholdings. Payroll earnings can be integrated into the field records for calculating cost per acre or cost per unit of production — giving you more power to make timely decisions.

E-File Your W-2s and 1099s

Upload your W-2s, W-3s, 1096s, and 1099 electronically to the IRS, Social Security Administration, and state agencies. This service benefits farms of all sizes with anywhere from one employee (or 1099 vendor) to hundreds of employees (or 1099 vendors). The service also gives you the ability to have forms printed and mailed to your employees and/or vendors, eliminating the process of you printing and mailing W-2s, W-3s, 1096s, and 1099s — which provides a huge time savings.

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What are our customers saying?

We absolutely love how it provides cash and accrual accounting, market value balance sheets, enterprise analysis, and financial ratios. It allows us to examine and monitor the ‘big picture’ of our operation, yet drill down to the cost per acre or per bushel.”

– Laura Ehnle, Edelstein, IL

“I can input every dime, nickel and penny and allocate it where I want – to equipment, acreage, people, an enterprise of some kind, or somewhere else. Then I can review that data and know my operational costs right down to the exact acre and bushel.”

– Mitch Konen, Fairfield, MT

Product Comparison

 Farmer Fit or Farmer ProAdvanced Accounting
Enter transactions into a check register and view cash-based general ledger reports including the Income Statement and Balance Sheet.
Manage supplies and harvested crop inventories based on field records, purchases and sales.
View field, crop, equipment and livestock enterprise statements based on field records and accounting.
Print a variety of accounting reports including Schedule F, loan activity, family living and more.
Keep track of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.
Create invoice statements for landlords and others.
Analyze your Market Value Balance Sheet and create a Budgeted Cash Flows Statement.
Enter payroll activities, calculate payroll tax and print and/or electronic submit W2s and other payroll forms.
Manage livestock accounting records including purchases, sales, births, deaths and transfers.
View accrual general ledger reports including the Income Statement and Balance Sheet.
Export account balances to QuickBooks for tax reporting.

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