Desktop Updates (v2019.01)

Support for John Deere GS3 and GS4 Guidance Lines — Added support for reading and writing out John Deere guidance lines via USB. This includes AB lines, curves, and pivots. Warning: Due to potential variations between manufacturers guidance systems, guidance line repeatability and position accuracy may degrade as field work occurs further away from the […]

Online Updates

Support for John Deere GS3 and GS4 Guidance Lines — Added support for reading and writing out John Deere guidance lines via USB (File Upload) and API (Wireless). This includes AB lines, curves, and pivots. By improving the compatibility with John Deere guidance lines along with AB lines from Trimble and other third party displays, […]

App Updates (v3.0)

Material Inventories — The current inventory balance of materials is shown when you select a material to use for a task. Improved Interface for Adding Inputs to Tasks — The user interface for recording tasks has been updated by relocating the Add button for Materials and Equipment. Chemical Tank Mixes — A new Tank Mix […]

Desktop Updates (v2019)

Updated Support for Precision Planting Data  — Additional support for reading the latest Precision Planting files. Updated Support for Loup/RDS Yield Data  — New driver is available for reading data from Loup/RDS, provides summary data from the yield monitor in addition to the map data. Updated Support for Ag Leader Data Files — Now supports […]

Online Updates

Support for Precision Planting — Data from Precision Planting can now be imported via the File Upload area. Update to CNH API — Now compatible with the latest CNH AFS and PLM Connect APIs. Files received via the new APIs will automatically flow into the software every 5 minutes and process automatically. Additionally, there is […]

App Updates (v2.9)

Field Activity Entry Enhancements — You will now experience a streamlined user interface that is consistent when entering records for seeding, fertility and crop protection. Updates to Inventory Balances — When applying products on fields, the inventory balance can be viewed on the product selection screen. This helps the operator see a running balance of inventory […]

Advisor Prime Updates

Support Variable Rate Seed and Lime Prescriptions — Similar to fertility prescriptions, variable rate seed and lime prescriptions can be built manually or from customized formulas and auto-applied based on the crops and customers. Batch Export Prescriptions — You can now batch export prescriptions to a number of display and shapefile formats including those from […]

Desktop Updates (v2018.04)

Linking Contacts from the Web to Desktop —  When synchronizing data from web to desktop, you now have the ability to link contacts from the website to an existing person in the desktop. Added Support for Additional Pipe Sizes (WM-Subsurface) —  Two new dual wall pipe sizes (225 mm and 9 in) are now available […]

Online Updates

Farmer Fit Now Available — Farmer Fit is available for purchase in the online Marketplace store. Please note if you are already subscribed to Farmer Pro, there is no need to purchase Farmer Fit. The features of Farmer Fit are included with your Farmer Pro subscription. To view the features of Farmer Fit and how […]

Online Updates

New ‘Update Task Costs’ Button for Materials — When you go to the Materials screen (chemicals, fertilizer, or seed), there is now an ‘Update Task Costs’ button that can be used to update the cost of selected materials on the fields where it has been used.  To use this feature select the materials that you […]