Release Notes – June 13, 2016

June 15, 2016

Changes to this Connected Farm release include:



  • Resources now includes an area for “Operation Types”.  This section gives you the option to create new user-defined sub-operation types.  The sub-operation types can be used when creating and filtering tasks.
  • Resources now allows you to convert chemicals to tank mixes.  This is done by editing a chemical and using the “Change Type” option, thus converting the chemical to a new tank mix.  Additionally, any tasks that include the material will now use the tank mix with the associated ingredients.  This feature makes it possible to apply a tank mix as a material on a display and use Connected Farm to track the amount of each ingredient that was applied.


  • Historical data for vehicle utilization and sensor data can now be displayed for the previous three years.  Prior to this change, vehicle data could only be viewed for the past 12 months.  This feature now allows you to compare the performance of each vehicle over multiple years.