Release Notes – Mar 14, 2017

March 14, 2017

Changes to Trimble Ag Software include:


Farmer Pro

  • Improvements to John Deere Compatibility
    • Customers who use MyJohnDeere/JD Link can now see live fleet positions in the Fleet and Dashboard area.
    • Support for importing field boundaries from John Deere Operations Center.
    • Support for importing cotton yield data collected with a John Deere GS3 Display where it is shows all attributes including lint yield and seed yield.
  • Updates to Fleet Management – The vehicle export now includes information on whether FarmStream Fleet manager is on or off.
  • (RESELLERS ONLY) Updates to Reseller Admin – The Trimble Ag Reseller Admin site now offers more flexibility in the transfer device feature. Resellers can transfer devices from customer to customer or from customer to reseller.


Farmer Basic (Version 2017.03)

  • New Task Syncing – You can now select Tasks (field records and maps) in the desktop software and upload them to the web solution.
  • Updated Scale Ticket Report – Tickets that span multiple fields or regions show the ticket totals and not the totals for each field or region.
  • Improvements to John Deere GS3 Data
    • Support for reading data where there are no jobs. This makes it possible to write out resources from the display (clients/farms/fields, inputs and boundaries) and read just this data into the desktop software. In the past, this data could only be read if there were also jobs.
    • Support for forage yield data
    • Support for importing cotton yield data where it is shows all attributes including lint yield and seed yield.
  • Enhancements to Reading ISOXML Data
    • Support for reading ISOXML task data without map data.  This is primarily for AGCO displays, but makes it possible to read in ISOXML data where task summary data (people, equipment and material usage) is the only thing being logged (there are no maps with the data).
    • Support for reading ISOXML data that includes prescription maps without any completed job data.
  • Improvements to Harvest Records – If you have a harvest job where the crop is delivered to more than one storage location, you can select the Scale Tickets button and select a different storage location for each ticket.
  • Minimum Job Area Filter – The Filter button in Read Job data now gives you a Minimum Job Area option. When this option is enabled you can enter a minimum area and the program will not read in any jobs that have areas less than this.


Trimble Ag Software desktop customers who are subscribed to the Annual Maintenance Plan will automatically receive these features by selecting “Check for Updates” located under the Help menu.  Another option is to download the installer.