Release Notes – May 23, 2017

May 22, 2017

Changes to Trimble Ag Software include:


Farmer Pro

  • Spatial Matching for Tasks and Boundaries  – Improved the process of reading task data from a display and syncing it to the correct field. If at least 90% of the task data falls within an existing boundary, the task will get assigned to the field with that boundary (even if the task data from the display has a different name). When importing boundaries, if at last 90% of the new boundary overlaps an existing boundary, the field with the existing boundary will get updated with the new boundary.
  • Updated Bin Profiler – Added the ability to set up storage structures for harvest and enter units of measure other than bushels. This is useful for entering bin records that supports the units of pounds, tons, kilograms and metric tonnes.
  • Weather Alert Emails (Ag Premium Weather required) – Receive daily weather updates via email that alert you to rainfall events (using farm averages) as well as the average growing degree days for your farm. This feature is only available in North America.

Trimble Ag Mobile (v2.2)

  • Ag Premium Weather Integration New weather tile allows you to see a map of precipitation, temperature or growing degree days for your entire farm. The map makes it easy to quickly assess variability over your farm, which is particularly useful for tracking which fields received rain and which did not. This feature is only available in North America.
  • Add or Subtract Polygons on Field Boundaries Use point-and-click drawing tools or automatic tracking while driving in your vehicle to create field boundaries that have multiple areas/polygons. Additionally, you can now use the Subtract tool to remove areas such as ponds and other non-farming areas from field boundaries.
  • Unit of Measure Editing Unit of measure (U.S. or metric) can be changed within your mobile app settings while also updating your online account.


Reseller Admin

  • Added Text Boxes for Licenses Notes The Software Activations page now has text boxes for licenses so resellers can create notes about the different licenses. This will help resellers better manage their inventory of licenses.