Trimble Ag Mobile v2.2 Now Available

May 30, 2017

More Weather Data at Your Fingertips

We are excited to share the latest news about Trimble Ag Mobile v2.2. Starting today, Trimble Ag Mobile fully supports the Ag Premium Weather functionality. This means you can see variations in precipitation, temperature and growing degree days with precise field-by-field accuracy — all from the mobile app.

Version 2.2 Highlights

  • View maps of precipitation, temperature or growing degree days for your entire farm. The map makes it easy to quickly assess variability over your farm which is particularly useful for tracking which fields received rain and which did not.
  • Use point-and-click drawing tools or automatic tracking while driving in your vehicle to create field boundaries that have multiple areas/polygons. Additionally, you can now use the Subtract tool to remove areas such as ponds and other non-farming areas from field boundaries.
  • Unit of measure (U.S. or metric) can be changed within your mobile app settings while also updating your online account.

Our Trademark Contour Maps

Our contoured weather maps provide simple, strong visual cues with bands or zones of weather across the farm. These color-coded contour maps allow farmers to easily see zones where temperature and precipitation are the same, and where these are changing. The best part, change your date range to see historical or a future short-range forecast.

Weather Alert Emails

Ag Premium Weather sends you daily weather updates via email that alert you to rainfall events (using farm averages) as well as the average growing degree days for your farm. When you receive a rainfall alert, there is a link to your Trimble account to see more detailed rainfall information by field. This alert makes it easier to schedule daily tasks around rainfall from your desktop or smartphone.

Download Trimble Ag Mobile