Release Notes – August 8, 2017

August 8, 2017

Changes to Trimble Ag Software include:


Farmer Pro and Farmer Pro Plus (Online)

  • New API Functionality with CNH — data can now flow wirelessly from a CNH display into Trimble Ag Software (online and desktop) when using the Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect™ and New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) Connect telematics platforms in North America.
  • Automated Weather Data for Field Records — when entering a date and time for field records, the program can find the weather information and fill it in for you. This feature requires Ag Premium Weather.
  • New Tab for Support Request — when clicking the help button for requesting support, a new tab appears so that you don’t override previous work.

Farmer Basic (Desktop v2017.05)

  • Customization of Crop Years on Enterprise Statements – when printing field enterprise statements, you can now enter the number of crop years to appear on the crop rotation portion of the report.
  • Additional Support for Ag Leader Planter/Sprayer Section Layouts – when importing *agdata files, the mapping software will create coverage views of the planter/sprayer layouts.
  • Support for Sub-Crops – when setting up crops, additional flexibility is available to set them up with a sub-crop with more detail (if needed). This data can be synchronized to the web for use in Farmer Pro.
  • Added Sync Option for Upload Only – a new option called “Upload Only” is available from the Synchronization Options. When the option is turned on, resources and tasks get uploaded from the desktop software to the selected organization on the web. However, new resources on the web do not get downloaded. This insures the desktop project will not be changed by the synchronization.
  • Fix for Auto Draw Using Windows 8 or Higher – updated the auto draw feature for creating field boundaries from point data when using Windows 8 or higher (including Windows 10).
  • Downloading Data from the Trimble Ag Mobile App – when entering field tasks on the mobile app (seeding, fertility, crop protection and other), data can now download into the desktop software when “Synchronize to Web” is selected. A Farmer Pro license is required to use the Trimble Ag Mobile app.  
  • Job Report Enhancements – when printing a job report, the carrier will not show when the rate/quantity is zero. This is needed for users who are entering their carriers as a supply/ingredient in the tank mix and do not want the mix to show up on the Job Report with zero.
  • Added Support for Fore/Aft offset on ISOXML – the Advanced Settings of Read Job Data for ISOXML data now includes a “Fore/Aft” option where you can select whether or not you want to use the settings from the display. In the past the software did not utilize these delays.
  • Compatible with CNH Weather Station Data – added support for reading weather station data collected with a CNH display. When you read CNH data (.cn1 directories), the software finds weather station data and uses it for the weather details in the job. Additionally, it creates a layer with a map of all the weather attributes that were collected.
  • Fixed Tank Mixes for Multiple Fields – updated the software so that when you manually record the use of a tank mix to multiple fields, the tank mixes all show on the same line of the Job Properties/Farming box. This makes it possible to enter the total used and have it allocate across the fields.
  • Read Completed and Planned Soil Test Locations from Mobile – when data is synchronized with the web, you can now read in completed soil sampling jobs that were created with the Trimble Ag Mobile app. These are jobs created with the Mobile app and will come in with the location and sample ID. Additionally, there are options to read in planned jobs, which would bring in the target sample locations.
  • Linking Crop Fix – updated the crop linker when processing the Inbox, Syncing data to the web and Reading Job data. If the crops being linked are exactly the same, the linker will not appear. A Farmer Pro licence is required for this feature.
  • New Select All for Auto Pipe Sizing – WM-Subsurface software now offers a Select All button to make it easier to select all pipe sizes to use in the auto-sizing calculations.  When using previous versions, you had to select each one individually.
  • Renumber of Section Lines – WM-Subsurface software can renumber section lines when a line is removed from sequence. A Renumber button is available so that all lines are numbered in sequence.
  • Added Buffer Distance for Extending Lines to Boundary – WM-Subsurface software can now extend one or more lines to the boundary unless a buffer distance is entered.  If a buffer distance is used, the line will stop when it gets within distance of the boundary.
  • Minimum Auto-Pipe Sizing – WM-Subsurface software offers more flexibility within the auto-pipe sizing feature. You can now enter a minimum pipe size for each type of pipe (main, sub-main and lateral).  In previous versions you could only enter one minimum pipe size.
  • Split Line Tool for Profile Tab – WM-Subsurface software now has the ability to split a line from the Profile tab.  


Trimble Ag Software desktop customers who are subscribed to the Annual Maintenance Plan will automatically receive these features by selecting “Check for Updates” located under the Help menu.  Another option is to download the installer.